That's how much a visual asset leak costs, according to 150 executives surveyed in various industries around the world.

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Learn how visual content leaks impact brands and agencies.

Today, keeping sensitive business content safe from unauthorized dissemination has become a top priority for companies worldwide. 

Our study shows that visual content leaks can cause serious harm to brands and agencies, resulting in damage to their reputation and financial loss. 

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Key findings of our study, including the cost and frequency of visual content leaks.

Most significant consequences of digital asset leaks.

Real-life examples of leaks to understand their different types..

5 ways how this study helps you to 
better protect your content.

Learn how to identify the sources of your leaks.

Get best practices to prevent leaks.

Learn from real-life leak stories and case studies.



Discover different leak-prevention solutions.

Prevent reputational and financial losses.



Sneak peak to the study testimonials

I would say specifically for
digital assets, the awareness
about leaks is low. It’s not an area that we talk about often, or at all.

Global Marketing Director of a North American Medical Equipment Manufacturer

“You only have one chance to make a first impression. When you have leaks, you always have the problem that it’s not you who is telling the story.”

Head of Marketing of an EU
Consumer Electronics Manufacturer

"As long as the source of the leak remains unclear,

so do the measures to be taken."

  • Our study reveals the most common sources of visual content leaks.

Don’t let leaks spoil your marketing efforts.
Prevent them.

Unplanned reveals of confidential visuals jeopardize expensive launch campaigns. Learn how to secure these sensitive phases of your business.