Assessing Your Content Monitoring Solution

Finding the best solution to track your digital images and videos on the web.

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Compare technologies & find the best solution for your organization

You’re looking for a solution that can track your digital images and videos on the web. Still, most of the ones offered on the market lack important features your organization requires, including scalability, reliability, seamlessness and data consolidation.


This guide provides you with a list of criteria and an evaluation grid to select a solution adapted to your needs.

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Who's this for?

This guide will help brands to compare content monitoring solutions.


It also allows agencies to find the right solution for their clients.


What's inside?

Assessing a reverse image search solution

Assessing a digital watermark-based solution

Comparing solutions: your evaluation grid

What will you learn?

👉  How to evaluate different technologies?

👉 What are the limitations of reverse image search?

👉 Why is digital watermarking the best way to track visual content online?

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