Monitoring brand content using invisible watermarking

This guidebook will help you better manage your digital assets and find the right technology to integrate seamlessly with your existing tools and platforms.

What happens to your digital assets once you post them online?

Your business uses images and videos to communicate, promote, and sell products. But have you thought about what happens to your digital assets once you post them online? Are they copied, shared, or used without your knowledge? Is this a sign of success or something you should worry about?


How people share your brand content online is a telling indicator that can help you calculate the reach of your campaign, understand the influence of your digital assets on different types of mediums, or fight counterfeiting and copyright infringement.


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What's inside?

Why monitoring brand content goes beyond initial publication?

Finding your brand content online with mentions, reverse image search and monitoring.

Requirements for choosing a visual brand content-monitoring solution.

What will you learn?

👉 How to easily find your brand content online?


👉 How to find the right content monitoring solution?

👉 How to integrate a monitoring solution in your workflow?

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