Secrets Of A Leak-Proof Product Launch

This guide will help you better manage the digital protection of your images.

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Why should you protect your brand from leaks and how ?

Today, businesses across the globe rely on their online presence to build and grow their brand.

However, creating successful product launch campaigns is a delicate process as it revolves around brands’ most valuable asset: their intellectual property.

If you’re overseeing your brand’s launch campaigns, your role is to ensure the success of the company’s online strategy and product launches in your market.

In this guide, you will learn how content leaks happen, their consequences on your business and organization, the solutions to prevent them.


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What's inside?

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👉 Concrete elements and key arguments for decision-makers.

👉 Testimonials and stories of leaks experienced by major brands.

👉 Advice, solutions, tips and tricks to prevent the risk of leaks.

What will you learn?

How do leaks happen?

Learn about the most common sources of leaks, where and when the risk is greatest, who to secure your communications with, and at what stages of the release process.

How to prevent leaks?

[SPOILER ALERT] Be prepared to reconsider your beliefs regarding the effectiveness of NDAs, embargoes, metadata, DRM and DAM in the fight against leaks...

How to choose a leak-prevention solution?

Without being a rocket scientist in image and video protection, simply discover how to hide invisible trackers in your sensitive visual content, to put an end to leaks.

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