Risks, costs and consequences of visual content leaks

Perception of the risks and experience with digital asset leaks by corporates and agencies

Visual content leaks pose significant risks and costs to businesses

Today, keeping sensitive business content safe from unauthorized dissemination has become a top priority for companies worldwide. 

A recent study conducted by Imatag shows that visual content leaks can cause serious harm to brands and agencies, resulting in damage to their reputation and financial loss. 

The study covers a range of topics, including the impact of visual content leaks on various industries, common types of leaks, and the costs associated with these incidents. It also shares examples of real-life content leaks and provides best practices for preventing them.

This executive summary explores the key findings of our study. The full report is available for download at the end of the executive summary.


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Key findings of our study, including the cost and frequency of visual content leaks

Most significant consequences of digital asset leaks

Study methodology and real-life exemples of leaks

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👉 What is the cost of a visual asset leak?

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