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Your business operates within Agencies, Brands, Media, Manufacturing, Corporate, or Retail sectors, looking for state-of-the-art protection for digital visual assets.

You're dealing with Information Security or Brand Protection, seeking innovative watermarking solutions to safeguard your content.

Your role is pivotal in Marketing Operations or Creative Operations, aiming to prevent piracy and counterfeiting of your visual assets.


Individual users: our partner takes over!

Self-employed, Freelancers, due to the high volume of requests from individual users for image protection solutions, which fall outside Imatag's corporate-focused offerings, we have established a partnership with Pixtrakk to better serve these needs.


Individual Users Seeking Image Protection: For those who don't meet our corporate threshold of 10,000 images but still require robust image security.

Exclusive Partnership with Pixtrakk: Access to Imatag's invisible watermarking combined with Pixtrakk's comprehensive legal services for copyright infringement issues.

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