Preparing Leak-Proof Campaigns

Protecting your agency by safeguarding your clients' digital assets

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How to secure launch campaigns?

Digital marketing, press relations, and creative campaigns provide a wealth of opportunities to create excitement around a new product or service launch. Many brands decide to delegate these missions to outside agencies, trusting them with their most valuable asset: their intellectual property.


As an agency, you need to control the risk of your clients’ content leaking at every step of the way, analyze how the content spreads, and show its impact on your client’s campaigns.

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Who's this for?

This guide is for professionals involved in preparing launch campaigns, such as creative production companies and digital marketing and advertising agencies.


As an agency account executive, your role is to build customer trust by reassuring your client about the safety and impact of their content.


What will you learn?

👉 Why protect your customers from leaks?

👉 Why protect your agency from leaks?

👉 How do leaks happen?

👉 How to (re)gain trust?

👉 How to prevent leaks?

👉 How to choose a leak prevention solution?

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